Complaints and alternative dispute resolution


Within the scope of the business relationship established between DIF BROKER and its Clients and potential Clients, the latter may, alternatively, submit a complaint to the following entities:


Within the scope of the business relationship established between DIF BROKER, Clients and potential Clients may file a complaint:
a) By filling in the Internal Complaints Form.
b) Through the Complaints Book, Electronic and hard copy.

In this context, it should be noted that the receipt, forwarding and analysis of the complaint will be attributed to DIF BROKER’s Complaints Service area, integrated in the Department of Compliance, which acts with the necessary independence assuring an objective treatment of the same.

DIF BROKER will confirm the admission of the complaint and ensure a response within a maximum of 15 working days after its reception.

If you intend to do so, you must address your complaint to DIF BROKER through one of the following channels:

In person:
At any of DIF BROKER offices located at:
• DIF BROKER Headquarters: Avenida 24 Julho, nº 74 a 76,1200-869 LISBOA
• DIF BROKER Office: Av. Da Liberdade, 244 – 4th floor – 1250-149 Lisbon – Portugal.

By electronic means:
Through the website of the Electronic Complaints Book
(https://www.livroreclamacoes.pt/inicio/reclamacao). Alternatively, you may fill in the Internal Complaints Form online that is found here. This Form can also be requested directly to the Clients Service Area to Complaints via the email address reclamacoes@difbroker.com or from your DIF BROKER’s account manager.


The Client may present his complaint to the entity that exercise supervisory powers on the activity carried out by DIF BROKER:

Client must address his complaint to the CMVM through one of the following channels:
• By completing the complaints book of the complained institution, in this case DIF BROKER, OR
• Directly to the CMVM, through a letter or form provided by the CMVM complaints.

Important: with the entry into force of Regulation 3/2019, CMVM only accepts complaints in second instance, the process of which is described in the Investor Area, available on the CMVM website (www.cmvm.pt). Pursuant to CMVM Regulation No. 2/2016, as amended by Regulation No. 3/2019, the complaint originates a complaint handling procedure that seeks to promote a resolution out-of-court conflict.


As part of the relationship business established between DIF BROKER and its Clients and potential Clients, DIF BROKER ensures the use of alternative dispute resolution means. In compliance with the provisions of Law no.144/2015 of September, 8, as amended by Decree-Law nº 102/2017 of August, 23 namely Article 18, DIF BROKER informs that, in the event of a consumer dispute, the consumer, defined as the natural person when acting for purposes that do not fall within the scope of his commercial activity, industrial, artisanal or professional, may use the following alternative dispute resolution entity: Lisbon Consumer Conflict Arbitration Center (http://www.centroarbitragemlisboa.pt/form_reclamacao.php).