Why Choose Dif

  • Is your broker encouraging you to trade bombarding you with events and news that will change the mood in the markets?
  • Is your broker promising you faster executions so you can trade faster than the blink of the eye? Those blinking prices on your screen are a call for action.
  • Is your broker talking to you about the next big thing? Does he make you feel guilty for not doing anything?

DIF Broker is different

We like to talk about investment the way it has always been and the way it will always be: Investing consistently with long term view, for your retirement or for your other needs, at risk levels sensible for you, and about companies you understand and believe. DIF wants you to pay attention to the company and less to the stock price. The two things that drive long term success are time and quality. Markets go down they go up and they go down and up again. That is what they do. You should own stocks like you own real estate providing you know and understand what you own.

We want to make sure that our clients are investors.