Private Broker

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Here you can enjoy a personal relationship with our investment professionals. We call it Private Broker, your service of private brokerage. We listen to you, we build a trust foundation, we explain our perspective, we offer a personal guidance.

The turmoil in the world’s financial markets is having widespread implications when it comes to managing financial risk. The portfolio manager is nowadays expected not only to be a strategist but also to stay abreast of new complex instruments to best evaluate and manage specific financial risks.

The success of a portfolio is highly dependent on the skills, competencies and experience of the portfolio manager.
He needs to manage his own risk but also understand and evaluate the various financial risks listed companies are exposed to. He needs to focus on interest rate, currency, liquidity, credit and operational risk that may threaten companies’ viability.

You want help managing your own portfolio?
Talk one on one to our advisors to clarify your goals and help you choose the right strategy approach to match your needs. DIF Broker uses a disciplined approach to help you reach your goals based on Dorsey Wright, Relative Strength methodology supported by Point& Figure analysis.
The market we have today is vastly different from anything seen before.