Mission & Principles

DIF Broker's mission is to move globalization of capital markets out of exclusive domain of institutions to the reality of every day investor. We help investors to access international capital markets.

DIF Broker believes that more and more people are going to trade stocks around the globe and DIF Broker's vision is to become the global broker of choice for retail investors around the world interested in adding international assets and derivatives to their investment portfolio.

Investing internationally is a challenging experience to the great majority of retail investors. At DIF we do not want it to be confusing or dangerous for investors to invest globally and therefore provide a demo account for customers to become more sophisticated in online investing in international

DIF Broker fears that investors and particularly European investors are not being adequately prepared for the day when they will have to take greater responsibility for their own financial affairs.

DIF Broker believes that as a broker it as a duty of promoting investor education.