Tom Dorsey


Tom Dorsey already manages about 2 billion in tax deferred annuity, Mutual Fund and ETF management.  He wants to provide investment solutions for the institutional investor and the individual investor.  Our site at DIF provides the ability to create your own models by mixing and matching the models Dorsey, Wright manages.  You are then guided in any changes to the models.  DIF brokerage will automatically execute any changes that are directed by Dorsey, Wright & Assoc.

When openning an account with Dif Broker you can choose between the following models available:

1- Sector Rotation - Alocation within the sectors in the American Market;
2- Country Rotation- Alocation within the countries that are favourable;
3- Tactical Trader - Alocation within diferent asset classes: ETFs, Commodities, Stocks, Forex, Countries, or Sectors;


Tom Dorsey launched an ETF (The Technical Leaders Exchange Traded Fund) with PowerShares in the NewYork Stock Exchange.  It is the only technical based ETF in the USA today.