Futures Trading

No diverse portfolio would be complete without futures positions and therefore at DIF we offer the facility to trade futures in all of the worlds major markets.

Futures cover a vast diversity of products: Stock indices, interest reates currencies and commodities and therefore offers clients major advantages in a variety of speculative activities as well as hedging activities.

With Dif Freedom our clients have the advantage of being able to trade all financial futures on-line, which means that they can get fills from the major US and European markets within seconds.

We offer all min-contracts and this includes mini-contracts on some of the major commodities, such as Oil and Gold.

Our Brokers also will advise you and place your orders in all the major commodity markets, at no extra cost, which means that no matter what you want to trade, DIF has the service for you.

With such a wide range of products, these markets are perfect for hedging purposes. Enabling speculators and industrialists to cover their exposures against adverse changes in the future price of assets or raw materials.

Should you like to know more about this, we have in-house experts in this field who would be happy to assist you in this activity.

When trading futures you are in a completely regulated environment and as such all trading is carried out in a totally transparent way.

Futures trading can be very lucretive, but also has a high level of risk involved. We recommend you discuss this activity with your DIF account executive, or contact one of our specialists directly.