Login Questions

I am getting error code 10060, 10061, 11001 or 11004, what do I do?

These errors are related to the Dif Freedom not being able to connect to the trading server. Try the following, step-by-step:

1) You can test connectivity through port 1001 on our port test page by pressing the "port test link". If everything is ok, you should get "You have reached the trading system port test page using TCP port 1001".

2) The optimal way to connect to the Dif Freedom is through port 1001, to check your connection settings in the Dif Freedom, please do the following:

a) Open the Dif Freedom
b) Click "Change Connection Settings", then go to: Connection Settings
c) For the SIMULATION system, the "URL or Domain name" should be: canalsimul.difbroker.com or
For the LIVE system, the "URL or Domain name" should be: canallive.difbroker.com or
Port number should be 1001
"Use HTTP" and "Connect via proxy server" should NOT be ticked.

3 If you do not see the next page please refer to the following link: Firewall or Anti-virus software

I am getting: Illegal login or password: Error code: 0x8004000b or 0x80040009, what do I do?

This is caused by using the wrong login id or password, you are connecting to the wrong platform or your account has expired.

1) Delete your user name and password from the login screen, carefully retype these and try to login again

2) Click "Change connection settings" in the login box, check the "URL or domain name" is correct for the platform you want to connect to:

Simulation platform: canalsimul.difbroker.com or
Live platform: canallive.difbroker.com or

3) If you are still getting this error message then email Help Desk , including the error message, the platform you want to connect to (Simulation or Live) and your login id.

I am getting "Could not decrypt session key" or 'Your local security key doesnot match the key stored on the trade server' when trying to login in a Windows 2000/XP PC, what can I do?

1) Click OK to the error message

2) A key mnagement window will pop up.

3) Click Delete current Key to and OK

4) You will be asked "In order to login again, you will need either to load a backup key or generate a key", Click OK

5) You will be taken to the Key Management screen again, if you have a backup of your last key, load this. Otherwise click on "Generate new key", Click "Yes" to proceed

6) If you generatea a new key, please call DIF Broker in order to get the key activated.

I am trying to login and I get "You are currently logged in from IP address . . . . ", what can I do?

You are getting this error message because you are logged into Dif Freedom from another/or the same computer.

Close the Dif Freedom on the PC you first logged into to be allowed to login on the current computer.

If you have confirmed there is not another connection then please contact DIF Broker.

I am getting error code Could not create socket 10047

The PC is using Windows 95 which is no longer a supported operating system. Please upgrade to Windows 2000 or newer.

I am getting error code: 80040019

This error will appear if the server is down for maintenance.

I am getting error code: 0x80040016

Your account has been locked out. Please contact Customer Services to open it again.