Cryptographic key Questions

Can I run the Dif Freedom on more than one PC?

Yes, it is possible to run the platform on more then one PC.

On the simulation this can be done by just downloading and installing the platform to the second PC and logging on with the same login id and password.

NOTE: You can not login to the Dif Freedom twice using the same login id.

On the Live platform you have to do the following:

1) Download and install the platform onto the second PC, .

2) When this is done you have to export your existing cryptographic key:

a) Log into the working Trading platform

b) Tools >> Options >> Key Management >> Backup Key >>Enter a Password for the key (Note that this password is only to secure the key on the removable media) >> Choose a location (Floppy a:\ is recommended) >> A messages will appear 'Your Key has been saved'.

3) Now you need to transfer the key to another PC where you have installed the Dif Freedom:

a) Log into the Dif Freedom, you will be asked "In order to login again, you will need either to load a backup key or generate a key".

b) Say 'OK' to that message and go Tools >> Options >> Key management, Click the "Load backup key" button

c) Choose the location where you are loading the key from and then enter the password you chose in 2b), when you have been succesfull a message will appear 'Key imported successfully'.

d) Login to the Dif Freedom on the second PC, this time encypted.

Is the Dif Freedom secure?

In a word – Yes:

All communications between the Client Station and the bank are encrypted using the Microsoft CrytoAPI and uses the Microsoft Base (or Enhanced) Cryptographic Provider. The encryption algorithms used are the RSA public key exchange algorithm and the RC4 stream encryption algorithm with a session key length of 40 or 128 bits.

Private/Public key pairs are used to authenticate users, which are randomly generated from the Client Station in coordination with the bank. The public key is automatically sent to the bank for storage and the private key is stored on the client's machine. The private key can be either 512 or 1024 bits long and for all practical purposes, is impossible to break.

With proper local administration of their User ID and Password, clients can be confident that they are well protected against misuse of their accounts from the Internet.