Chart & News Questions

I have problems seeing the Charts and Streaming News, what should I do?

When you open chart window, you see blank chart or a chart window with an hourglass.

In order to check the reason for the problem, you can click Tools > Instrument Explorer > find the instrument and highlight it, right click and click Instrument Information.

1. If you see only a red cross in the instrument information window, the issue is most probably due to Java. In order to solve the problem,please refer to topic under the same session Chart & News Questions: I cannot see Streaming News, but only a red cross

2. If you donot see red cross and you do not see a chart or streaming news loading under Instrument Information, it menas that something is blocking the data. Resolution often is to add our chart and news ip/url under trusted sites/ip in your firewall and Internet Explorer.

IP :


Below descpribes how to add the url in your Internet Explorer as truested site:

a) Open up Internet explorer, Tools >> Internet options

b) Click Security

c) Click trusted sites (in green)

d) Click sites

e) Remove the tick from "Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone"

f) Enter the site URL:

g) Click Add (repeat step f and g to add all the above mentioned url)

h) Click Ok and then Ok.

i) Close Internet Explorer

3. In case you see chart under Instrument Information, but not in the normal chart window, it is most likely that Winsock2 is corrupted in your pc. As such, please do the following:

a. Click Start > Run > in the window that appears type cmd and press 'Ok'

b. In the command prompt (the black window) type: netsh winsock reset and hit enter

c. Restart the Computer.

d. Start Dif Freedom and check the charts

I can login to the Dif Freedom but my charts and account summary all display "Action canceled", what shall I do?

This maybe caused by the Dif Freedom web modules using the Internet Explorer proxy settings it they are present and the proxy settings are entered incorrectly or are no longer in use.

To solve this please do the following:

1. Open Internet Explorer

2. Go to Tools and then Internet Options

3. Find and click on Connections

4. Click on the LAN settings button, make a note of these settings you see in case you have to roll back to this configuration.

5. Remove any tick marks on the LAN settings window, except automatically detect settings

6. Click OK and OK

7. Restart the Dif Freedom and try viewing the web modules again

I cannot see Streaming News, but only a red cross. What should I do?

This is most likely due to that you don't have Sun Java installed or your Java version is not up-to-date. Please go to Sun MicroSystems homepage to check your version of Java and download the newest version of Java.

Another possible reason can be that you have an old version of Microsoft Java. In such a case you should remove the Microsoft Java as described below:

1. Click Start > Run

2. Type command regsvr32 /u msjava.dll and press OK. You will get a confirmation that Microsoft Java is removed.

Aftwards, go to Sun MicrosSystems homepage   and download the latest java.