Tactical Trader

The Tactical Trader is based in the DWA DALI system. It stands for DWA Dynamic Asset Level Investing Model (DALI). It is designed to help you stay within the guidelines of the P&F Craftsmanship, take the longer-term approach to management, and free up time for you to develop relationships and new business.

Because this model proved a profitability of more than 100% over the last decade, Dif Broker created an advising service based in this model called PRIVATE BROKER.

DALI is designed to help you properly allocate your portfolios across all types of assets. Using relative strength, DWA and Dif Broker provide you with a dynamic snapshot of the markets allowing you to adapt and change as market currents shift.

Dynamic: A robust approach that allows you to adapt and change as the market's change. We are where we need to be when we need to be there in terms of style.

Asset: Properly allocate your portfolio across all types of assets - Equities, Fixed Income, Global, Sectors – based upon relative strength.

Level: Use it for a broad overview of the market, ETF allocations, sub-sector outperformance, individual mutual fund or stock selection. “Drill down” as deep as you want to go.

Investing: There are a myriad of financial instruments available to help you achieve your goals in life; be it retirement, college education, etc. There is a time to buy, and a time to sell each vehicle and DALI will help you do that.



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