DIF Protect

Get exposure to broad market indices with downside protection and calculated returns

You protect your family, your house, your car. Why not your assets?

Did you know that the chance of a fire in your home or a car crash is lower than the one of enduring a loss in the stock market? 

Losses can occur more often than expected and stocks and other investments are severely affected by events that are difficult to predict.

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Once such an event takes place, it can take a long time to recover. Your investments may be severely damaged during a crisis and it can take longer than expected to earn back your losses.

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At DIF, we want to help you reach your goals and that also means safeguarding your assets.

That is why we created the DIFProtect. With DIFProtect is a service that aims at setting up the best protection possible for your investments.

Resulting from a collaboration with CBOE Vest Financial, a subsidiary of CBOE, this product provides investors with the right set up to cover part of the downside of an investment while keeping a participation on the upside of its investments.

Let’s look at an example

An investor holding a position in S&P and using the DIFProtect service can set up his position like this:

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Image 4


Image 5


Using DIF Protect, you can buy a protection for the event of a negative performance of your investment financing it by capping your gains at the level you see adequate.

Set up with option structures where is risk is known from the start, this service is available for a wide range of stocks and ETF’s.

Do not let your investments unprotected. 


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