DWA Automatic Trade :
Frequently Asked Questions

What is DWA Automatic Models?

DIF Broker bridge the gap between valuable information and trade execution, by converting professional advice to an automatically executed trade in your account.
You do not have to monitor the market to make a good pick, because world known expert Dorsey Wright are doing it for you. By choosing the DWA Automatic models their advice is quickly converted into live trades.

Who is placing the trades on my account?

DIF Broker receives recommendations from DWA and autotrade their model in your account using a secure direct connection. DIF Broker engine places the trades automatically with no human intervention. Since DIF Broker service is server based you do not even need to have your computer on.

How do I get started?

All you have to do is open a portfolio management account. Sign and send the original contract with all required documents. DIF Broker requires the submission of the following supportive documentation to complete your account application:
1 - A notarized copy of the photograph page from your passport, driving licence or other valid identification issued by the authorities
2 - Proof of residency, e.g. a copy of your utility bill (gas, water , electricity, phone, internet or cable connection) containing your registered address or a bank statement issued in your name within the previous 6 months.