Auto-managed investment models with ETF

World Finance Best 100

DIF Broker has moved ahead of the times and now offers over 80 different auto-managed investment models with exchange traded fund. World Finance ends the year as it normally does: by celebrating the very best market performers in the World Finance 100. Recognising both individuals and leading organizations from around the globe. World Finance 100 isn’t simple a reference point for the best companies; it provides a starting point for those interested in knowing what firms and individuals are providing best practice, and implementing the strongest strategies.

Simple buy and hold stocks / funds is not enough to achieve a stable return on investment over the years. It is related to the fact that there are trends in stock markets, which are changing. After a period of growth comes a bear market. To be able to stable earnings and at the same time reduce the risk, there is a need to follow the trend, by changing the assets in which we invest our resources.

We have succeeded for over 25 years, and our methods have been tested in multiple bull and bear markets. In selecting investment assets we are using innovating technology, updating ranking of global assets. Ranking consists of assets: stocks, funds, commodities, and bonds.

We do not believe in a constant division of investment: 60% stocks and 40% bonds. Our portfolio may invest at any given time: 100% of the shares or 100% in bonds, it all depends on what we actually have a trend.

Keep full control over your money

The investments is on the individual brokerage account, thus you have a constant overview of the investment, where you can see all the assets constituting an investment, results and costs. At any time, you can end investment without any restrictions on our part.

You can start investment in the form of advisory, where we present our vision of the market, recommendation, but the investor has the last word.


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