About DIF Woman

Women are making money and spending money as never before. Woman know a lot about working and making money, but they do not know much about making their money work for them. So you maybe surprised to discover that the real key to financial success is not how much money you earn, but rather what you do with your money.

That is what DIF Woman is all about. It's about money, your money, and turning your money into wealth. Saving and investing have a cumulative power, that will put more lift under your dreams.

DIF Portfolio Management for women use a unique proprietary approach from Tom Dorsey providing real return on investments during periods of both economic strength and economic weakness.

At DIF we make saving for your retirement or for college expenses easy. No matter your age, here you can develop a sensible plan to achieve your goals. Choose a model from the menu below and get started today:

Sector Rotation Model
Country Rotation Model

To find out more, speak to your DIF account executive, or just open a new investment account.