Futures Netting Change and Order Functionality Handling

In order to assist investors to manage futures positions in an easy and compliant manner, DIF Broker is changing functionality to ensure positions are automatically netted at the end of each trading day.

Currently, if a investor holds both long and short positions in the same futures contract, in the same account, and one of the positions has a related stop loss or take profit order, these positions will not net together at the end of the trading day. It is possible to be long and short in the same futures contract, which is non-compliant.

From 12nd December, 2016, positions will be automatically netted using FIFO, regardless of related orders.

For example if a investor is: 
Long +3 Light Sweet Crude (WTI) + stop loss
Short -2 Light Sweet Crude (WTI) 
These will be netted to: 
Long +1 Light Sweet Crude + stop loss

Note that the stop loss will still be for 3 contracts and will not be adjusted. 
Investors should therefore ensure that they check the futures open orders.