Country Rotation Model

The closing bell on, December 31, 2005 ended a lackluster year for the stock market in the US. The Standard & Poor's 500 stock index gained 3% which was less than investors could have gotten from a certificate of deposit or a government bond. The S&P looked good compared with the Dow Jones industrial average which ended the year with a 0.6% loss, and the Nasdaq composite index only gained 1.4%.

Now if you compare that with what was happening in 2005 in other markets including emerging markets, you will conclude that offshore is the place to make money in the markets. International money managers poured funds at a record pace into the emerging markets of China, Latin America, Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa.

Don't let another year pass you by without exposure to a diversified portfolio of international markets with the Country Rotation Model.

Presenting the Country Rotation Model (CRM) ( a long term portfolio management strategy) - designed to give your investments the potential growth of equities in international markets.

The investment objective of the strategy is to generate long term capital growth from a diversified but managed portfolio of country ETFs. Using the unique and proprietary relative strength tools designed by Dorsey, Wright & Associates, CRM is designed to keep the strongest countries represented in the portfolio and avoid those countries with the highest probability of lackluster performance.

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