DIF Millennial Saving Plan

Avoid regretting in future for the things you missed, Invest now when you are young

"In my own perception regretting is an action of wishing to do the things we have missed considering that now, would have been the right ones for us." - Robert Cazan

Build enough wealth to support yourself later in life

DIF Millennial Saving Plan is created to bring the new young investors the benefits and the true reason of starting their own investment and saving plan for the next upcoming years alongside a financial professional. "A new generation which is demanded to take care of their future financial income".

Why Millennials have to start their financial planning?

  • Will no matter a normal retirement age anymore, you will be able to collect earlier benefits in life and you may be able to sustain yourself sooner and be financially freedom.
  • You can consider an early retirement or saving for future spending or benefits.
  • You can save to become rich, but if you won’t save to become rich then these small changes in your life, will make a huge difference in your future.
  • Invest when you are young as there will be enough time for your investment goals to be achieved.
  • Work alongside a professional and find out your suitable investment style and see if you would be that investors which will choose a portfolio manager or an automated investment model, ruled based.
  • Become a real investor and you will know how to put your money to work for you when is needed and when you will be ready.
  • Become financial independent and you will have lots of future benefits.

Why millennials have to start working closely with a financial professional?

  • As a young investor working closely with a financial professional you will acknowledge the value of the professional and your confidence to save and invest, will grow.
  • You will be empowered to make your own financial choice and choosing your strategy will be only your final decision.
  • A financial professional will find the best suitable and tailor-made investment strategy for your desired investment planning and profile risk.
  • Our financial professional are understanding millennials expectations and will meet them at their level and will find a formula that works for them.
  • Will provide you a better view about financial investment and will guide you through the investment process.
  • You will be able to know the entire process of opening a foreign trading account and funding procedure.

Benefits of DIF Millennial Saving Plan

When it comes to selecting a financial professional, the company endeavors to allow the investor the opportunity to identify the type of portfolio and financial planner that best suits the profile of the client themselves.

The investors won’t have any more the difficulty in choosing between all the different strategies available to them. You will be guided in finding an investment strategy which will work for your investment goals.

Transparency, you will have online access to your portfolio and you will follow your investments from your smartphone. Our financial professional have a proven track record of their past performances.

Flexibility, The relationship between any financial professional and investor must be based on trust. Dif Broker, for instance, allows its clients to withdraw money at any time, without penalty.

DIF Millennial Saving Plan – Opportunities

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Investment Goal:

The plan lets you set a wealth goal. You determine the growth rate because you can periodically add more money to your investment account. Many years of back testing show that the plan periodically goes through a rough patch during which markets go down but time and savings help do the rest. We only follow 2 rules.

First we look for an appropriate investment. The investing plan capable of attaining your goal and then. We monitor the progress on an annual basis. If you remain on track for success, just keep doing what you're doing.

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Why start saving in your 20s?

Being young and thinking about a financial plan or a retirement plan is way too far to consider, why I should start saving in my 20s or 30 for my 50s when this is so far? Maybe by that time I will have enough money to live from social security, so why the need for that? In a challenged economy where we have seen our parents struggling to resist in the 2008 financial crisis and in the world economy in general, millennials should be more focused on the saving habits than other generations.


Secrets to Save Money for Retirement:

  1. Set up your future goals, once you have a goal set up in your mind then you will need to find the ways to achieve that goal therefore you will have to seek for financial planning strategies.
  2. Consider an investing plan part of your future goals, even if sometimes your income seems very small for doing this, maybe after controlling more your speeding habits, loans and your income you might be able to start your small saving plan.
  3. Limit your monthly bills, think about avoiding taking long term loans or adding new loans as this will limit you saving power and will reduce your future investment planning. In general loans are organizing a part of your income for upcoming years so more loans will reduce your funds availability for other future planning.
  4. Understand your cash flow, understand the money you are earning and the money you are spending, in order to be able to save some money you will need to be aware of this process.
  5. Save Early. Always save a portion of your salary and try to add it to your investment account, every month you can have an automatic debit set up by your bank on your account where a small part of your funds will be directly send to your investment account.
  6. Financial Education. Lear about how to financial educate yourself, how to organize your income and the spending habits.
  7. Diversify as much as possible, for saving money is always better to put your money in a saving plan or retirement plan or a long term investment with a low risk strategy.
  8. Reduce your monthly spending. See what speeding you are making which are being unnecessary, sometimes we are having monthly unnecessary spending but we will go along with these because have become part of our spending habits.
  9. Having your own small investment plan will help you in organizing your income, monthly spending and you will add valuable knowledge about this financial world which is part of our live.
  10. See what type of financial investment plans are best suitable to your risk profile. You might be ready to start investing in a 5 years investment plan with a low risk for achieving a specific goal part of your future plan.
  11. Consider a discussion with a financial planner, this will help you to see if you are suitable to an investment saving plan, maybe you think you aren’t ready yet when in fact you are.


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