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Fear, distrust and ever evolving complex financial products are the number one driver for new investors avoiding participation in today’s public markets. DIF Millennial will bring Financial Education and applications closer to new & young investors in a virtual environment.


What is Dif Millennial?

DIF Millennial targets young “tech savvy” investors that might consider financial investments part of their daily life. In a world where financial decisions dictate the direction of economies, we will provide the instruments and “know how” for you to prepare and take advantages of these opportunities. By taking part in our educational program, you will learn how to identify which investment vehicles are most appropriate for your objectives and risk profile.

"As a young millennial investor, you might be interested to check how Financial Markets work and how you can invest in a desired asset. Starting from scratch, learn how to use an on-line trading system and how to create your own stock portfolio by following our educational guidance lessons. First we will present you the benefits of investing in these financial products, in a virtual money-free environment and then, if you are prepared and confident with this investment process, you can start building up your live investment portfolio".

Why Dif Millennial?

Real World

Access to Worldwide Financial Exchanges with the possibility of investing in Stocks, CFDs and Future Contracts. Check out all the Global Exchanges available!


The concept is mainly dedicated to support young investor with fear of Financial Markets and no trust in Financial Markets. Learn about yourself, Learn about your Emotions, See if Financial Markets are really suitable to your investment profile.

Trade the World

Young people with tech savvy attitude and open to learn about financial products will have the opportunity to trade the world from a Smartphone, Tablet or Computer in a simulation environment.

Challenge Yourself

A challenge to see if you can be successful in a financial investment process on a simulation account with an amount of 100,000 EUR virtual money available. This challenge will provide you a feedback about your knowledge in Financial Markets.

Learning Material

No matter where you are with your investment knowledge we will start with you from the beginning and will present you in a simple way, this Financial Investment Process. We are able to support you during the investment process with more details and answers to your questions. So please feel free to ask us!

Follow the steps presented below and try to find out if financial products are suitable to your investment profile and see if you can be successful in this personal challenge.

Our Trading Platform is called DIF Freedom and it's a new technological portal with fast access to Worldwide Exchanges and Worldwide Financial Products.

  1. Stocks - How to Login and Place Your First Order.
  2. Stocks - Quick Guide– Account Summary
  3. Stocks - How to Place Limit and Stop Loss Related Orders
  4. Stocks - Quick Guide – Charts
  5. Stocks - Trading Conditions
  6. CFDs - Placing a CFD Order
  7. CFDs - Account Summary
  8. CFDs – Limit and Stop Related Orders
  9. CFDs – Charts and Traded Volume.
  10. CFDs - Trading Conditions
  11. How to add DIF Freedom Mobile on Mobile/Tablet Home Screen


Know Yourself

Evaluate your investment personality and emotions during the investment process. Learn about Greed and Fear, the main factors responsible for our final decisions and for our actions.

Read about how you will behave and what you have to consider before entering into a financial investment, starting by the beginning, read step by step the things you have to learn before taking this decision. Fear and Greed are influencing our final decisions and you have to learn about how to control those emotions.

  1. Financial Markets VS Markets
  2. Crossing the Street on the Red or Green Light/ Risk Management
  3. Emotions in Investment Process / Greed and Fear
  4. Finding a Style Which Best Suits to Your Personality.
  5. How to Create Your Own Stock Portfolio/ Virtual Paper Trading
  6. Millennials/ Who are They?
  7. Millennials and Their Fear of Financial Investments.
  8. DIF Millennials/ Why Should Save Money?
  9. Going Back Home From Work/ My Journey Goal.
  10. Protecting Your Portfolio/ Currency Hedging

Your emotions during the investment process


Educational Videos


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Millennials have born between 1977s -2000s and it's the new generation of 21st century which will reshape the economy and will change the customer behaviour. It’s representing a large percentage of the worldwide workforce and will soon become adults with high consideration for their future financial planning as they are the generation that won’t receive pensions at their retirement age and will be the generation demanded to take care of their future financial income. We have created this project in order to provide financial education, financial knowledge and financial solutions for this new upcoming generation. – DIF Broker Team, Lisbon Portugal

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