1999 -2002

DIF Broker was established as a brokerage firm in 1999 by Portuguese entrepreneurs. They aimed to create a brokerage company that responded to the needs of investors, dedicated to traditional and personalized service, since the technology bubble had attracted thousands of new investors to the financial markets.

The Beginning


In 2002, after two difficult years in the financial markets resulting from the attacks on the twin towers and the repercussion of the technological bubble, DIF Broker saw it as an opportunity to make a change. Paulo Pinto made the first move to enter the capital of DIF Broker and, together with Pedro Lino and some investors, bought the majority of the broker’s capital.
In the following months, DIF Broker transformed its business model and became an electronic broker with its platforms CanalBroker and CanalDIF allowing investors access to world markets on a single platform. This launch was also reinforced by the brand motto: “Trade the World”.

The Change


In 2004, DIF Broker began its internalization process, joining the company of the current administrator of the Spanish branch, Adolfo Alonso. During the 10 years that followed DIF Broker grew organically, combining its permanent focus on its customers with a strategy oriented towards the innovation of its products and services. This enabled DIF to become a reference in the Iberian financial sector and recognized by several international entities, such as “Best Broker of Western Europe” in 2010/2011 by World Finance magazine and for 5 consecutive years as “The Best Broker Online in Western Europe “by Global Banking & Finance Review.
In 2012, Polish “desk” was created. In 2015, the “Corporate Finance” business unit of the group, under the “DIF Capital” brand, was created.



In the end of 2016, DIF Broker acquired Saxo Bank retail operations in Latin America, creating DIF Markets brand and consolidating its international vocation. Today, DIF serves thousands of customers in more than 20 countries, keeping its focus on what has come to be defined as the brand´s 3 fundamental pillars: compliance, technology and people. In 2018, DIF Broker reinforced its strategic expansion with the acquisition of the independent fund company – Optimize. This has allowed DIF, once more, to innovate and reinforce its portfolio, offering new options to its customers.
Over the years we have looked towards the future with the same ambition to inspire our clients to follow their goals and their own vision of the world. We are striving to innovate so that more and more clients can invest in what defines them as people and thus achieve what they aspire to do. That’s why at DIF Broker we say: Invest in yourself.

A New Era

“An incredible dream needs an incredible team to succeed”

Pedro Lino
CEO DIF Broker Group

Licenciado em economia pela Universidade de Montpellier Iniciou a sua carreira como jornalista especializado em mercados capitais. Em 1998 foi CEO da corretora etradee presidente da ATM associação de investidores. Em 2013 assume a posição de membro do concelho de administração da associação portuguesa de brokers.



We believe in the combination of advanced technology and tailor-made innovation, that can bring value to each client`s investment.

The extra mile

Our success is a consequence of our focus and commitment to our client´s goals.


We always say DIF stands for “different” because our activity revolves around your personal interests, not specific products. Unlike other brokers, we are not obsessed with you “carrying out trades” in order to enhance our own profitability. Our business model is based on something quite simple: satisfied clients in the long term and growing along with them.


DIF Broker was created by investors to investors, with the ambition to create value and share knowledge with transparency and honesty.

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