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Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Management service is customized and adapted to each client. Therefore, not only does it include the particular and discretionary management of client’s financial assets, but also a comprehensive previous analysis of the client’s need, characteristics and expectations, which allow DIF Broker to offer the appropriate investment solutions. We ensure a customized service, thus, we need to know you.

What does the
service include?

All the details on how your investments evolve are one click away.

After knowing your investor profile, we adapt a strategy based on global diversification and investment in the different classes of financial assets. DIF Broker’s Portfolio Management is addressed to investors who demonstrate a high risk tolerance and who expect to value their capital.

How is this service provided?

This service is “custom-fitted”, i.e. according to your investment profile, as well as the analysis of your financial situation, investment objectives, knowledge and experience. Management shall comprise mainly stocks or ETFs, therefore, a more than 5 years investment is recommended.

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