Stocks available & collateral rates

AAMC:xaseAltisource Asset Management CorporationAMEX5
AAU:xaseAlmaden Minerals LtdAMEX5
ABE:xaseAberdeen Emrging Mkt Smaller Comp Opp FundAMEX2
ACY:xaseAerocentury Corp.AMEX5
AE:xaseAdams Resources & Energy Inc.AMEX5
AINC:xaseAshford Inc.AMEX5
AIRI:xaseAir Industries Group Inc.AMEX5
AKG:xaseAsanko Gold Inc.AMEX5
ALN:xaseAmerican Lorain Corp.AMEX5
ALO:xaseAlio Gold Inc.AMEX5
AMPE:xaseAmpio Pharmaceuticals Inc.AMEX5
APHB:xaseAmpliphi Biosciences Corp.AMEX5
APT:xaseAlpha Pro Tech.AMEX5
ASM:xaseAvino Silver & Gold Mines LtdAMEX5
AST:xaseAsterias Biotherapeutics Inc.AMEX5
ATNM:xaseActinium Pharmaceuticals Inc.AMEX5
AUG:xaseAuryn Resources Inc.AMEX5
AUMN:xaseGolden Minerals Co.AMEX5
AXU:xaseAlexco Resource Corp.AMEX5
BCV:xaseBancroft Fund LtdAMEX1
BDL:xaseFlanigan's Enterprises Inc.AMEX5
BDR:xaseBlonder Tongue Laboratories Inc.AMEX5
BGI:xaseBirks Group Inc.AMEX5
BGSF:xaseBG Staffing Inc.AMEX5
BHB:xaseBar Harbor BanksharesAMEX3
BPMX:xaseBioPharmX Corp.AMEX5
BRG:xaseBluerock Residential Growth REIT Inc.AMEX5
BRN:xaseBarnwell Industries Inc.AMEX5
BTG:xaseB2Gold Corp.AMEX2
BTN:xaseBallantyne Strong Inc.AMEX5
BTX:xaseBioTime Inc.AMEX5
BVX:xaseBovie Medical Corp.AMEX5
CANF:xaseCan Fite Biopharma LtdAMEX5
CAW:xaseCCA Industries Inc.AMEX5
CCF:xaseChase Corp. (United States)AMEX2
CDOR:xaseCondor Hospitality Trust Inc.AMEX5
CEI:xaseCamber Energy Inc.AMEX5
CET:xaseCentral Securities Corp.AMEX2
CH:xaseAberdeen Chile FundAMEX5
CIK:xaseCredit Suisse Asset Management Income Fund Inc.AMEX2
CLM:xaseCornerstone Strategic ValueAMEX4
CMCL:xaseCaledonia Mining Corporation PlcAMEX5
CMT:xaseCore Molding Technologies Inc.AMEX5
COHN:xaseCohen & Company Inc.AMEX5
CPHI:xaseChina Pharma Holdings Inc.AMEX5
CQH:xaseCheniere Energy Partners LP Holdings LLCAMEX1
CQP:xaseCheniere Energy Partners LPAMEX2
CRF:xaseCornerstone Total Return Fund Inc.AMEX4
CRHM:xaseCRH Medical Corp.AMEX5
CRMD:xaseCorMedix Inc.AMEX5
CRVP:xaseCrystal Rock Holdings Inc.AMEX5
CTO:xaseConsolidated Tomoka Land Co.AMEX3
CVR:xaseChicago Rivet & Machine Co.AMEX5
CVRS:xaseCorindus Vascular Robotics Inc.AMEX5
CVU:xaseCPI Aerostructures Inc.AMEX5
DHY:xaseCredit Suisse High Yield Bond FundAMEX5
DIT:xaseAmcon Distributing Co.AMEX5
DLA:xaseDelta Apparel Inc.AMEX5
DMF:xaseDreyfus Municipal Income Inc.AMEX5
DNN:xaseDenison Mines Corp.AMEX5
DSS:xaseDocument Security Systems Inc.AMEX5
DXR:xaseDaxor Corp.AMEX5
EAD:xaseWells Fargo Income Opportunities FundAMEX5
ECF:xaseEllsworth Growth and Income Fund LtdAMEX2
EGI_NEW:xaseEntree Resources LtdAMEX5
ELLO:xaseEllomay Capital LtdAMEX5
ELMD:xaseElectromed Inc.AMEX5
EMAN:xaseeMagin Corp.AMEX5
EMX:xaseEMX Royalty Corp.AMEX5
ENRJ:xaseEnerjex Resources Inc.AMEX5
ENSV:xaseEnservco Corp.AMEX5
EPM:xaseEvolution Petroleum Inc.AMEX5
ERC:xaseWells Fargo Multi-Sector Income FundAMEX5
ERH:xaseWells Fargo Utilities and High Income FundAMEX2
ERN:xaseErin Energy Corp.AMEX5
ESNC:xaseEnSync Inc.AMEX5
EVI:xaseEnviroStar Inc.AMEX5
EVV:xaseEaton Vance Limited Duration Income FundAMEX5
FAX:xaseAberdeen Asia-Pacific Income Fund Inc.AMEX1
FCO:xaseAberdeen Commonwealth Inc. FdAMEX5
FEN:xaseFirst Trust Energy Income & Growth FundAMEX5
FRD:xaseFriedman Industries Inc.AMEX5
FSI:xaseFlexible Solutions International Inc.AMEX5
GBR:xaseNew Concept Energy Inc.AMEX5
GGN:xaseGAMCO Global Gold, Natural Res. & Income TrustAMEX1
GLF:xaseGulfMark Offshore Inc.AMEX5
GLO:xaseClough Global Opportunities FundAMEX5
GLOW:xaseGlowpoint Inc.AMEX5
GLQ:xaseClough Global Equity FundAMEX5
GMO:xaseGeneral Moly Inc.AMEX5
GORO:xaseGold ResourceAMEX3
GPL:xaseGreat Panther Silver LtdAMEX5
GRF:xaseEagle Capital Growth Fund Inc.AMEX5
GSAT:xaseGlobalstar Inc.AMEX2
GSB:xaseGlobalScape Inc.AMEX5
GSS:xaseGolden Star Resources LtdAMEX3
GST:xaseGastar Exploration Inc.AMEX5
GSV:xaseGold Standard Ventures Corp.AMEX5
GTE:xaseGran Tierra Energy Inc.AMEX2
GV:xaseGoldfield Corp.AMEX5
GVP:xaseGSE Systems Inc.AMEX5
HEB:xaseHemispherx BioPharma Inc.AMEX5
HLTH:xaseNobilis Health Corp.AMEX5
HMG:xaseHMG Courtland Properties Inc.AMEX5
HNW:xasePioneer Diversified High Income TrustAMEX4
HTM:xaseUS Geothermal Inc.AMEX5
HUSA:xaseHouston American EnergyAMEX5
IAF:xaseAberdeen Australia Equity Closed FundAMEX5
IBIO:xaseiBio Inc.AMEX5
IDN:xaseIntellicheck Inc.AMEX5
IEC:xaseIEC Electronics Corp.AMEX5
IF:xaseAberdeen Indonesia Fund Inc. Closed End FundAMEX2
IGC:xaseIndia Globalization Capital Inc.AMEX5
IMH:xaseImpac Mortgage Holdings REITAMEX5
IMO:xaseImperial Oil LtdAMEX1
IMUC:xaseImmunoCellular Therapeutics LtdAMEX5
INFU:xaseInfuSystems Holdings Inc.AMEX5
INS:xaseIntelligent Systems Corp.AMEX5
INTT:xaseinTest Corp.AMEX5
INUV:xaseInuvo Inc.AMEX5
ISDR:xaseIssuer Direct Corp.AMEX5
ISR:xaseIsoRay Inc.AMEX5
JOB:xaseGEE Group Inc.AMEX5
JRJR:xaseJRjr33 Inc.AMEX5
KLDX:xaseKlondex Mines LtdAMEX2
LBY:xaseLibbey Inc.AMEX5
LEU:xaseCentrus Energy Corp.AMEX5
LGL:xaseLGL Group Inc.AMEX5
LIQT:xaseLiqTech International Inc.AMEX5
LNG:xaseCheniere EnergyAMEX2
LODE:xaseComstock Mining Inc.AMEX5
LTS:xaseLadenburg Thalmann Financial Services Inc.AMEX3
LTS_PA:xaseLadenburg Thalmann Fin Ser Inc. - Preferred stockAMEX3
MAG:xaseMAG Silver Corp.AMEX2
MCF:xaseContango Oil & Gas Co.AMEX5
MHH:xaseMastech Digital Inc.AMEX5
MMV:xaseEaton Vance Massachusetts Municipal Income TrustAMEX5
MNI:xaseThe Mcclatchy CompanyAMEX5
MSN:xaseEmerson Radio Corp.AMEX5
MTNB:xaseMatinas BioPharma Holdings Inc.AMEX5
MVF:xaseBlackRock MuniVest Fund Inc.AMEX5
MXC:xaseMexco Energy Corp.AMEX5
NAK:xaseNorthern Dynasty Minerals LtdAMEX4
NAVB:xaseNavidea BiopharmaceuticalsAMEX5
NBY:xaseNovaBay Pharmaceuticals Inc.AMEX5
NEN:xaseNew England Realty Associates LPAMEX5
NG:xaseNovaGold Resources Inc.AMEX1
NGD:xaseNew Gold Inc.AMEX3
NHC:xaseNational Healthcare Corp.AMEX2
NNVC:xaseNanoViricides Inc.AMEX5
NOG:xaseNorthern Oil and Gas Inc.AMEX5
NRO:xaseNeuberger Berman Real Estate Securities Income FunAMEX5
NSPR:xaseInspireMD Inc.AMEX5
NSU:xaseNevsun Resources LtdAMEX2
NTIP:xaseNetwork-1 TechnologiesAMEX5
OCX:xaseOncoCyte Corp.AMEX5
OGEN:xaseOragenics Inc.AMEX5
ONP:xaseOrient Paper Inc.AMEX5
PED:xasePedevco Corp.AMEX5
PFNX:xasePfenex Inc.AMEX5
PLG:xasePlatinum Group Metals LtdAMEX5
PLM:xasePolymet Mining Corp.AMEX5
PLX:xaseProtalix BioTherapeutics Inc.AMEX5
PRK:xasePark National Corp.AMEX1
PTN:xasePalatin Technologies Inc.AMEX5
PZG:xaseParamount Gold Nevada Corp.AMEX5
REI:xaseRing Energy Inc.AMEX5
RLGT:xaseRadiant Logistics Inc.AMEX5
RNN:xaseRexahn Pharmaceuticals Inc.AMEX5
ROX:xaseCastle Brands Inc.AMEX3
SAND:xaseSandstorm Gold LtdAMEX2
SDPI:xaseSuperior Drilling Products Inc.AMEX5
SEB:xaseSeaboard Corp.AMEX1
SENS:xaseSenseonics Holdings Inc.AMEX3
SIF:xaseSifco Industries Inc.AMEX5
SKY:xaseSkyline Corp.AMEX5
SNMP:xaseSanchez Midstream Partners LPAMEX5
SRCI:xaseSRC Energy Inc.AMEX3
SSY:xaseSunLink Health Systems Inc.AMEX5
SVM:xaseSilvercorp Metals Inc.AMEX5
SVT:xaseServotronics Inc.AMEX5
SYN:xaseSynthetic Biologics Inc.AMEX5
TAT:xaseTransAtlantic Petroleum LtdAMEX5
TEUM:xasePareteum Corp.AMEX5
TGB:xaseTaseko Mines LtdAMEX3
TGC:xaseTengasco Inc.AMEX5
THM:xaseInternational Tower Hill Mines LtdAMEX5
TIS:xaseOrchids Paper Products Co.AMEX5
TMP:xaseTompkins Financial Corp.AMEX2
TMQ:xaseTrilogy Metals Inc.AMEX5
TRX:xaseTanzanian Royalty Exploration Corp.AMEX5
TRXC:xaseTransEnterix Inc.AMEX3
UAMY:xaseUnited States Antimony Corp.AMEX5
UEC:xaseUranium Energy Corp.AMEX5
UFAB:xaseUnique Fabricating Inc.AMEX5
UQM:xaseUQM Technologies Inc.AMEX5
URG:xaseUr Energy Inc.AMEX5
USAS:xaseAmericas Silver Corp.AMEX5
UTG:xaseReaves Utility Income Closed FundAMEX1
UUUU:xaseEnergy Fuels Inc.AMEX5
UWN:xaseNevada Gold and Casinos Inc.AMEX5
VGZ:xaseVista Gold Corp.AMEX5
VHC:xaseVirnetX Holding Corp.AMEX5
VII:xaseVicon Industries Inc.AMEX5
VISI:xaseVolt Information Sciences Inc.AMEX5
VNRX:xaseVolitionRX LtdAMEX5
WRN:xaseWestern Copper and Gold CorporationAMEX5
WYY:xaseWidepoint Corp.AMEX5
XPL:xaseSolitario Zinc Corp.AMEX5
XTNT:xaseXtant Medical Holdings Inc.AMEX5
XXII:xase22nd Century Group Inc.AMEX5
YUMA:xaseYuma Energy Inc.AMEX5
ZDGE:xaseZedge Inc.AMEX5