Have fun investing in forex and major world indices with just 300 euros

We take you through the steps of both buying and selling forex CFDs. Learn the fundamentals of foreign exchange CFD trading.

Why Trade Forex?
  • Potential for dramatic change
  • Continuous dealing prices
  • Go long or short
  • Commission free
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We take you through the steps of both buying and selling World Indexes CFDs. New to Indexes? Find out what you need to know to start trading Index CFDs

Why Trade World Indexes?
  • Take long or short positions
  • Continuous dealing prices
  • Commission free

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The reason why 85% of new traders lose their money is:

  • No risk structure in Place
  • Account is over leveraged
  • No strategy at all

Choose your strategy:

A popular strategy is to invest with or against short-term market trends (market going up or down). For instance, if a market is rising, you may want to "ride" it by buying, or go against it by selling.
Another popular strategy is to invest based on market news. For example, if the U.S. Federal Reserve is set to announce interest rates, which would likely have an impact on the U.S. dollar, you could make an investment that the dollar will go up or down versus another currency when the news is announced.
With a Steady Returns strategy, you make high probability/low return investment (10-20% return) repeatedly in order to "grind out" a profit.
With the Big Win strategy, you choose make or break returns by choosing either to double your investment or losing your investment and hope to win big. Obviously this is a risky strategy and we recommend that you only do this with money that you can readily afford to lose.

Remember that forex CFDs and Index CFDs are leverage products and can result in losses that exceed your initial deposit. Trading CFDs may not be suitable for everyone. Please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved. DIF Broker provides a comprehensive education programme for clients with no knowledge for the price of 20 euros to help you develop your Forex and CFD Index trading strategy.