Quick tutorial on platform usage



The web trading platform works on web browsers Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.  
If you have trouble in viewing charts on Internet Explorer, then adjust your browser settings as explained in this document and try again.
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By default the one click trading is disabled and instead it requires two clicks to trade. This for safety to avoid accidental trades. However, if you prefer trading on one click, you can change the default behavior by going to settings. It is possible to make transactions by pressing green buttons. First we need click to enable the trading, after we click second time in order to make the trade.



The settings are as shown in the screenshot below. Settings - Basic - 2 click trading, we leave this boxes empty, like it is showed on the image below. Reminder - in order to be able to make any transaction, always we need to see red square on the top of the platform.


 Ater it is done, buttons looks like on the image below and we have one click trading:


After transaction is done, appears on the table: New Open Positions. In order to place stop loss and take profit (limit) order we need to click on symbol + on the very left site. On the image below we clicked on this + already. We see columns Close, Stop, Limit. By clicking on this coulmns we are able to place orders.


We can also place special orders even faster. On the top of Trade Board is a box: Add Related Orders. When we mark here, as it is shown on image below, in the moment our main order will be place, will appear dialog window, when we can place our stop and limit order.


First we need to click on +, next to FX symbol, thanks to this we will have access to all position for any instrument, as on this example for EUR/USD we see that we have 2 transactions. In order to close one of them, we need to mark the transactions, after we click on Close column or click on Close Position button.





    Add instruments by clicking orange square next to word: Select Instrument.



    The workspace is very customizable and it allows you to place the panels and windows the way you like them on the page. If you ever want to go back to the default initial settings, you can always do it by going to Settings –> Basic –> Reset. This will reset your workspace to the default of the platform. 


    In order to change the amount of virtual balance, please do as following: Account-Reset Trial Account, and you can put any new amount you want. 


    Thank you, in case you have any question, please contact as at: hdesk@dif.pt




  • Remember that forex CFDs and Index CFDs are leverage products and can result in losses that exceed your initial deposit. Trading CFDs may not be suitable for everyone. Please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved. DIF Broker provides a comprehensive education programme for clients with no knowledge for the price of 20 euros to help you develop your Forex and CFD Index trading strategy.