Dif Junior: Learn Trading

DIF Junior is about learning how to set goals, about where you want to go and about working on a plan to get there. DIF Junior is about the secrets of financial success, and learning them while you are still young.

Download DIF Freedom and trade in a demo account for fun and for training the basic rules of investing. Prefer to use your mobile phone, great, use DIF Mobile and train your skills while having fun.

If you are still reading, congratulations, because you are on to something. You have decided to learn about investing and this puts you part of Generation DIF.

Dif Freedom

Trade the world with Dif Freedom. Trade over 40 markets worldwide with Dif Broker's all-electronic trading platform, six days a week.

Explore DIF Freedom in a no risk virtual account simply download the platform.
Practice trading on a demo account


Dif Mobile

Explore DIF Mobile in a no risk virtual account. Simply send an email and request an account with your full name.
Practice trading on a demo account



"I use the DIF virtual trading platform to teach my students about discipline in trading. It is easy to use and even attributes for derivative instruments such as futures contracts are clear. When my students make or lose money in their virtual accounts based on real world factors, they immediately grasp the concepts of risk and leverage in a way that lectures can never replicate."

Karen Emmett Coleman,
Adjunct Professor - VCU School of Business,
Partner - Strategic Balance LLC

ECB Price stability video

Meet Anna and Alex finding out about price stability! "Price stability - why is it important for you?"
Windows media movie

Learn trading

Flash movie


Money as Debt
"Money as Debt" tells in very simple and effective graphic terms what money is and how it is being created.