Unbiased investment - Technical Models

Remain in control of your financial investment while using the expertise of professional advisers. DIF Broker, in partnership with the US consulting firm, Dorsey Wright and Associates, now provides its customers access to technical management models on, sectors, regions or countries.

Our Investment Approach

The methodology, created by Dorsey Wright, is designed to create portfolios based on Relative Strength. Models have a long-term investment approach.

Why Automatic models?

Our services are dedicated to helping you invest with confidence and avoid common problems. Choosing between investment options can be confusing and overwhelming. We take the confusion out of investing with relative strength.

In addition to models on, sectors, regions or countries, we provide a model that combines investment in a variety os asset classes via ETFs listed on the NYSE, such as raw materials, currencies, sectors and countries.

This unique model is called Tactical Trader. At all time the models chooses which asset classes are favored and invest across the top ETFs

  • Sector Rotation - Alocation within the sectors in the American Market;
  • Country Rotation - Alocation within the countries that are favourable;
  • Tactical Trader Alocation within diferent asset classes: ETFs, Commodities, Stocks, Forex, Countries, or Sectors;
  • DWA Regional Opportunities The Regional Opportunities Model is an interesting investment plan designed to give you exposure to the target equity market yet help control the risk;